3 Keys To A Strong Mental Game

Sport Performance
  1. Establish Goals:  Goals lay the foundation for developing a strong mental game.  They help to guide our preparation, increase motivation, and build confidence.  Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.
  2. Establish A Routine: All top athletes have a specific way that they prepare themselves to compete. Each athlete’s routine is unique and will incorporate both physical and mental strategies.  Consistency is key when establishing a routine.  The more consistent a routine is, the more you will feel prepared, and in turn the more confident you will be.
  3. Utilize Positive Self-Talk: By entering into a practice or game with a negative mindset you have already set yourself up to be unsuccessful. Building confidence starts with your inter-dialogue.  Positive thoughts set the stage for a positive outcome.  Telling yourself “I’m prepared”, “I am ready for the challenge”, or “I will succeed” prior to competing will allow you to relax and feel confident in your abilities.



Rob Bumbaco, LCSW




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