12 Tips To A Healthier Life

It’s that time of year again, where everyone starts to think about their health and well-being. Tons of blogs and social media posts start to flood our minds with get healthy quick plans. What if I told you, that you can do things, that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of starting to follow a plan in January and then falling of course within a month or two? Would you try them? Read on to discover 12 things you can implement right now and maintain them for the rest of your life to be a healthier you.
  1. SLEEP 8 hours a night, not 6 or 7, EIGHT. Some people think they can get by with less, but your body really needs more rest even if you don’t think so. If you having troubles getting a good night’s sleep, try diffusing the Serenity Restful Blend, which has a calming scent and supports a restful sleep.
  2. REST. Take time every day to rest for 5 minutes or more, no noise, no interruptions, just take several deep breaths and do nothing. Maybe take a warm bath with Epsom salts and add some of the Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for an extra calming experience. 
  3. RELAX. This is different from resting, but also very important.  STOP running around! You need to relax more than once a day. Get out your Lavender Essential Oil and diffuser, add a few drops of the Lavender and step away from your busy day for a few minutes and RELAX!
  4. EAT MINDFULLY. Try to eat at the same time each day. Your body flows in a rhythm, eat in that same rhythm. Be aware of the types of foods you place in your body. Get plenty of water, as that is the only liquid your body truly needs.
  5. FRESH AIR. Get outside every day (even in the rain or snow) to expose your body to fresh air and natural light so that you have enough Vitamin D.
  6. EXERCISE. Do a combination of cardiovascular work, stretching and strength training everyday if possible. Your body needs the variety of workouts, and it will thank you for it. If you need a boost to get you going, add a drop of the Wild Orange Essential Oil to your bottle of water.
  7. NATURE. Spend some time every day in nature, it puts all your problems in perspective, and it is a natural stress buster.
  8. QUALITY TIME. Spend quality time with your loved ones, including yourself. We cannot give from an empty cup, so refill and refuel yours by refreshing yourself with love.
  9. LAUGH. Laugh often and out loud, it exercises the muscles of the face, the internal organs and gives your brain biochemistry a boost.
  10. MEDITATE. Every day, meditate or pray for the highest good. Roll on some of the Frankincense Touch to your pulse points, during your meditation to help with balance. Do not put boundaries on what we can possibly receive. This is one sure way of feeding the soul.
  11. ELIMINATE NEGATIVE HABITS. Take one bad habit and eliminate it each year. Make a list of 10 things you desire or want to create in your life…think about them and then let go of the negative thoughts. There is great power in speaking your intentions.
  12. ACCEPT YOURSELF. Tell yourself you are doing the best you can, that your higher power loves you and allow yourself to blossom in that awareness.
 Action Tip: Choose one or two of these to implement TODAY. Comment below and let me know which ones you chose.
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“Some people believe that they will be happy when they have all that they want. The truth is happiness comes from wanting all that we have.”