My gardening experiences have taught me some life lessons. I created a sunny space in my yard to allow for the growth of tomatoes, a long time favorite of mine. Every year, I lusted after gardens filled with sunshine, as mine was full of shade.  I had neglected my goal of homegrown tomatoes for several years due to my dread of all the effort involved. In fact, it took some real work …digging, chopping, planning, planting, feeding, and watering.
After planting the tomatoes, I was impatient to see some fast signs of growth.  I was so impatient that I asked my friend why she thought they were growing so slowly.  She looked at my fledgling plants and wisely commented that the tomato roots were growing underground where I could not see their progress. She advised me to sit tight and be patient. While a simple truth, the same is the case with the development of human potential.  We look for the outward signs of growth and accomplishment but may see nothing. Meanwhile, the roots of our inner foundation are being established.
My last tomato story is about breaking personal boundaries. After some time, two plants were still in their peat pots…potbound…no room for the roots to expand anywhere. I compared the potbound tomatoes to the others that were flourishing in the garden and was shocked at the difference in size and strength of the plants. Likewise, how often do we put up with a job or relationship that does not give us room to grow, when we actually need to transplant ourselves to more fertile soil?
The outcome is now dozens of juicy red tomatoes that bring me immense joy. A GREAT lesson can be learned here. Don’t put off your dreams…no matter how small they may seem, no matter how dreaded the work. It is simple things that make us smile. So sit tight and be patient with yourself.
So next time, when you have some bright red tomatoes in your salad, keep these simple life lessons in mind.
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