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The first step is to write a specific goal, one that is written so crystal clear that you know if it has happened or not. For example, “improve my relationship with my partner” is too vague- how do you know you have met that goal? What does “improve” mean anyhow? Let’s try this one- “I will say one positive comment to my partner every day.” Specific enough? Yes. It either happens or it doesn’t.

Secondly, is it measurable? Keep a checklist or behavior chart. Mark down how many days in a week you have met this goal. Seeing your progress will encourage you to try even harder and to appreciate your efforts.

Third, is it achievable? Do you have the tools to place to do this? If you currently are not talking to your partner, this goal is too ambitious. Start where you ARE, then move forward in small steps.

Fourth, is it realistic? Be honest with yourself. Do you want to make this change or does it just sound like a good idea? Change takes work- are you ready to make this change? Is now a good time to start or are you better off waiting a week or two? A month or two?

Finally, set a timeline. When will you begin this goal? When will you reach it by? Write it down. Write it down. Write it down. I cannot emphasize that enough. The power of change is in committing this action and writing it down is essential.

So, choose one small change to make. Just one small change will jump start your relationships so you will have the best life you can imagine. Get started right now.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Realistic goals with a Timeline are SMART goals.

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