Kids Make Us Happy and Healthy


Last week, at my daughter’s wedding , I was TOTALLY amazed by how engaged the kids were in the wedding event. This was not your customary formal wedding in a hot church or dusty fire hall. This wedding and reception all took place outdoors in a bird sanctuary where there were kid friendly activities, like wiffle ball, corn hole, running, wildflower smelling, dancing, and singing. The kids were totally uninhibited and joined hands with cousins they had never met, to run, jump and skip in the grass. The worries about having the right food, the right weather, the best directions, the perfect outfit all faded away as we watched the kids shriek in delight. It was truly a family centered and kid friendly wedding with emphasis on allowing kids to just be kids. I observed one family member just laugh out-loud as the kids asked him to dance and play over and over again. Even those adults with health issues (sore knees, bad backs, tired feet etc.) commented that being in the midst of so much love and joy made them forget about their aches and pains. Yes, raising kids is not easy, but allowing children to feel their joy is so critical. I can honestly say that kids do make us happy and keep us healthy. The next time, that life hands you a challenging day, just find a child and observe him/her interacting with their surroundings…taking in the present moment.

It will do you a world of good.

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