The power of today

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How many times have you heard that old phrase? Well, it is true in many respects. We cannot change the past; however we can learn how to gracefully let it go. We can start to let go of the past today- to let go of grudges today-to give ourselves permission to dream today- to feel happier today. See, maybe you feel more optimistic about today already.

I encourage you to look at each day as a fresh start. Even if you had negative thoughts in the past, you can still have positive ones, starting today. What one thing can you do differently today? The first step in a marathon begins with exactly one step. So, allow yourself to have a good feeling about today.

So the call to action today is to make one small difference, do one small thing differently. Maybe you will take out the trash without your significant other asking you, maybe you will say I love you to your child, maybe you will call an old friend. Whatever it is, do it . Baby steps add up to big steps. Have the relationships you wish to have, by starting today with just one small step. Ready, set, go.

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