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In an atmosphere of mutual trust, personal issues are explored confidentially with our licensed psychologists and social workers. We provide counseling services for children, adolescents and adults. Virtual visits for health coaching are available, as well as wellness assessments.

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Natural Health Solutions

Natural solutions, specifically plant based therapeutic interventions using essential oils, have been used to balance  moods for centuries.   In our practice, we look to healthy alternatives to complement traditional medical solutions.  Several of our practitioners have been specifically trained in this modality.  In addition, we offer online classes and webinars to assist individuals to become empowered with greater knowledge about their health.  Our schedule of classes are listed at   Please contact us for further information.

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Collaborative Divorce

Why do the traditional approaches not work?

There is a better way to help people through divorce without having long term negative consequences. Couples in many litigation divorces get pitted against each other in a polarized type of communication that may be even worse than the communication that took place during the marriage. The end result is bitterness, resentment and anger that gets passed along to the innocent children and the entire family.

The Collaborative Divorce process assembles a team of the very best professionals to help with all aspects of the divorce:  an attorney trained in Collaborative Process, a financial person also trained in the Collaborative Process and a mental health professional trained as a communication expert through the Collaborative Process.

All parties of the divorce agree that they will not go to court, but will work on negotiating every aspect of the divorce so that there is a win-win settlement with long lasting positive results. Avoidance of the settlement in a court room means that the divorce process remains a private matter—there are no public records that exist after the settlement.

The Collaborative Divorce Process is based on the belief that families can get through divorce in a more productive, efficient and emotionally healthy way when the couple is trained in how to communicate with each other in a more respectful and open manner. Communication and self-management skills are taught to the couple by the Collaborative Coach. The couple uses the new skills in their settlement discussions, and in their post-divorce relationship to the betterment of everyone in the family. The result is a long lasting peace and civility among all parties.

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to set up a complimentary 30 minute information session with Dr. Kunkle-Miller to determine if the Collaborative Divorce Process meets the needs of your family.

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals website has great resources for those considering divorce, including a video demonstrating the process.
In addition, you can find the full range of Collaborative professionals in southwestern Pennsylvania listed at