Top Five Ways to improve your Sleep

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Did you ever notice how well your dog sleeps? No worries, no stress! But as humans, we have so many variables that impact us daily and really interrupt our sleep. First, turn off your electronic devices an hour before bed time. No cell phone, no computer, and no television. Second, make your room as dark as possible, covering up all ambient light, such as the red or blue lights on your phone chargers or power surge cords. Third, go to bed at approximately the same time every night- get into a regular healthy routine. Fourth, find a relaxing app that you like, calming music, yin yoga stretch or take a warm bath with a quality essential oil and create a calm pre-bedtime habit for your body. Finally, avoid eating or even drinking (alcohol or even water, and no caffeine after noon) before you go to bed so that your body can slow down the digestion tasks and work on relaxation. Try these tips for two weeks and note what happens to your body. Keep a sleep journal so that you can see which strategy is having the best impact. In two weeks, you should develop better sleep and feel more relaxed overall. PS I have more tips but start with these easy ones first. Sweet dreams to all !

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