Where’s the juice?

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A good friend of mine looked at my frantic lifestyle chasing after two sets of twins while working full-time and asked me “Where’s the juice?” “I don’t know what you mean?” I said. “You know the fun, the laughs, the dreams, and the things in life that make you absolutely giddy and happy. Those things that make you want to get up every morning. What about your dreams?” she said. I told her I loved my children and husband, and that my life was totally and absolutely complete. She knew me too well and for long enough to know better. The truth was I was tired of taking care of everyone else, and not really attending to me.

“You know you better take care of yourself, or no one else will”. She was worried that I had become such a chronic “DO-ER”, that I could not just BE- just exist without being that productive person in chronic over-drive. My friend wanted to write a book about her life with Multiple Sclerosis, and she did. She set her course and followed it. She knew she had limited health, so she traveled to the adventures of Alaska and Hawaii. She also treasured her friends. She grew tired of hearing me wish I could pursue my dreams if only I had the time. Without knowing it, she was giving me the coaching edge- that giant push to do what you have always wanted to do…to be who you really want to be.

So the question for you is -where IS the juice? What dreams have you put on the back burner waiting until the kids start school, waiting until you meet the right person, waiting until you get the perfect job? We all know that time is precious, but we live as if it weren’t. What would fill your life with passion? How can you live the life of your dreams? Allow yourself to dream of all that moves you.

Now, go for a walk today and ask yourself these tough questions. How can I make my life better? What do I really want for myself? Which relationships could be juicier? It is really not all that difficult. Identify what you want… have an intention that will change your life. It takes courage, a little time and some guidance. Live the life of your dreams. You owe it to yourself.

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