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We have all heard of “the power of the pen”; that effective tool of self-expression which allows your opinions and thoughts to be known to the world. Not only can your writing be a catalyst of social change, but you can transform yourself through the use of a daily journal. Journal writing is a great way to explore your thoughts and feelings. When done consistently, your focus will stay more in the present, your dreams will begin to take shape and your goals will become clearer and ultimately more obtainable.

Interestingly, research with cancer patients has concluded that people who express themselves in writing live longer, healthier lives. It’s a fact. It is also true that successful people use their journal as a tool to assist them in clearly writing their intentions and goals. When goals are crystal clear, magic happens. What we once wished for, becomes manifested in our behavior and attitudes. What we dreamed of begins to happen.

Like most things, getting started can be the hardest part. For many of us, when faced with a blank page our minds become blank as well — as those old fears of being judged or “graded “ typically emerge. Keep in mind that your journal is only for you, and resist the urge to hold back, censor or edit your writing. The following ideas can help you get the most from your journaling experience and direct you on your way to the best life imaginable.

First, start by writing about what happened today. Describe in detail the relationship interactions which you want to remember. The more detail, the better, as that will bring your life to fuller detail. A close friend of mine kept a journal noting the daily changes in her newborn- this journal later became a poignant gift to her daughter after my friend had died at an early age. The present is perfect, so use your journal to record the wonderful moments that you experience every single day.

Secondly, write about the things in your life that you are grateful for. Start with a list of five and see how many more you can describe. The great part of this exercise is that the more gratitude you experience the happier you feel. This will become a very helpful collection of memories to review during times in your life that are challenging.

So buy or make yourself a journal book. Pick a color that you like and buy a pen that is fun to use too. Splurge on yourself- you deserve it.

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