You are the architect of change

Goal setting, Healthy Lifestyle, Life Coaching

No one else knows what is best for you. Others may give guidance, including parents and other loved ones, but at the end of the day, you must live with yourself and the choices you have made…and feel good about that. Since you are the architect of your life, first imagine the foundation. What do you do that keeps you grounded ? Literally grounded. Perhaps, it is your exercise and healthy food choices, your morning devotions, the time spent with family, the daily call to your sibling or your volunteer work at your place of worship. Decide now, what it is that keeps you feeling centered and whole. Make certain that you incorporate that behavior into every day. We can lower our overall stress level by finding out what it is that keeps us aligned with our values, and follow that guideline on a daily basis. Do not ignore these messages from the soul, as they are intended for your use.

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